Retractable Covering Solutions For Manufacturing & Transportation Industries

Chameleon Innovation’s freestanding, retractable clearspan enclosures provide an ideal solution for pratically any storage or covering application. Versatile and adaptable, our retractable clearspan accordion-style design is composed of a vinyl shell set on a rolling aluminum structure – all for a fraction of the cost of a new building or building expansion.

Our enclosures are custom designed and built for each application and, with our team of engineers and designers, we create customized solutions for your specific requirements.

Chameleon engineers & manufactures ready-to-use retractable enclosures & storage solutions for a number of industries (concrete curing, warehousing, golf course maintenance, composting and more).

[The sales team] was a great help in the whole process, from getting the buildings designed to their final commissioning. Chameleon’s service was timely, and the product is high quality, all of the parts went together without incident on site. Thank you for all of your hard work, excellent product, and service. –William S. Harris,PE, Plant Manager, Bayshore Concrete Products

Sales, service, technical assistance and installation exceeded our expectations and I would personally recommend Chameleon to everyone in our line of work. –Chris Davidson, Production Manager,Prestressed Systems Inc.

[Chamtech] worked closely with us during the concept and design phases and provided knowledgeable, hands-on site assistance during installation. I would not hesitate to recommend Chameleon Innovations for any firm seeking retractable tarp solutions. –Randy Primeau, CET, LEED AP Manager Prestressed Systems Inc.

Our fuel costs to produce the live steam were enormous, and we also lost a lot of treated water from our steam boiler system. We installed a Chameleon canopy system a week ago and are finding that we have turned down the steam pressure by about 25% . –Jim Melnechenko, Plant Manager Con-Force Structures

The enclosure works very well. User friendly and simple. Cheers –Dan Hartwig, Production Foreman Con-Force Structures

We are using these retractable systems on a daily basis and their implementation has significantly reduced our labour costs for both covering and uncovering our products, and has also eliminated downtime due to inclement weather. – Loris Collavino, P. Eng., CEO Prestressed Systems Inc.

[The Technical Sales Rep] did an excellent job work with our employees and teaching them how to install and work with your product. He was very professional and we are very pleased that we spent the money to have him come here. – Peter Schuster, Precast General Manager Lafarge Winnipeg Precast Division

Our new building not only saves money and time in the precast process, it also helps IPC demonstrate its leadership as an innovator in the production process. – IPC Precast

Chameleon offers the perfect solution for controlling the curing and cooling of precast concrete structures without compromising the integrity of the product or the manufacturer’s production schedule. – Concrete International (SEP/2008)

  … a bold advance in the production of prestressed and precast concrete… it not only protects the concrete as it cures, but also offers the option to pour year-round despite winter weather conditions detrimental to the curing process. – Concrete Today (OCT/2008)


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